Nowadays everybody knows about the problems of environmental pollution, but have you seen the consequences of these problems?…

…I`m living in London, near the river Thames for already 12 years now. My husband works for a big company that´s fighting for the protection of the nature. Now we both need to see the river next to us being completely polluted, we´re very scared.

You all need to know about the overfilled landfills which become a problem with the fact of erosion. In the past, many companies disposed their waste near the river Thames. So we need to accept that we as humans are the cause for the pollution of rivers just as the Thames.

As there are also toxic chemicals, it´s a huge problem for all of us, for the whole population of London. It´s also important to find a solution to guarantee our health while living near the Thames.

I just want to open your eyes! We need to do something to save the earth. So if you got any ideas to stop this pollution, let me know!