(perspective of an environmentalist)

There is a big pollution problem which matters more than 1000 old landfill sites on the coast of England and Wales. Our lifes and the wildlife is in danger!

Toxic waste is now prohibited from being put in landfill, but it is buried in the soil from five decades and is now leaking into the rivers.

The best example is the Thames. Tons of toxic waste from a tip near East Tilbury, in Essex, is exposed by erosion and is causing serious ecological risks. You can not imagine which consequence it will have, for people living there and surely the animals.  

I am activ in an environmental charity, the “Friends of the Earth”. We try to call for the Government to dig up the site and move the waste before it is too late. We have to point out the appalling inaction from the council and our government. To bury waste was a fatal mistake!

Now we have environmental problems which collide: our disposal of waste, sea level rising and coastal erosion which is caused by climate change.

We have to make an effort to keep our planet instead of destroying it!