The lung of the world is burning and it’s getting hot…

… some may say that this is a coinsidence. The same people say climate change is a hoax but they are all wrong!!!
So why is the the lung of the world, the Amazonas, burning?
Well, wilffires usually start when dry wood self-ignites becaus it gets really hot. But the Amazonas is one of the wettest forests on earth. So how can start wildfires there?
One reason is that some water drops can work as a lens to focus the light of the sun on one spot. In result this spot gets really hot and starts to burn. And because we humans are polluting the atmosphere the greenhouse effect of the earth gets stronger. This leads to more light rays which are kept in the atmosphere and more light rays equals more hot spots.
Another reason the Amazonas is burning is that some companys set fires thereselfs to get farmland to plant crops. And if these fires are uncontrolled they get bigger and bigger and burn down the whole forest.

So should we all now run around in panic and scream because we all gonna die?!
Of course this is an important topic but it’s a bit to much pushed by the media. Wildfires in generally are not uncommen and occure every year but this year there are some more of them. And in some chases they are even very useful especially for the Natives but this is another topic.
What I wanted to say is that these wildfires aren’t that dramatic as they seem at the time but we also shouldn’t underestimate them. The best way for us normal people is to support the firefighters which fight these fires and try to live more ecofriendly to stop the climate change by buying local products and all the other things we can do as individuals.

So stay fresh!