Not just air pollution is a big problem. Another and maybe bigger problem is …

… the water pollution.

The air is empty and nothing is to hear when you are on the boat making a trip. What’s going wrong? You can’t find birds singing their beautiful songs. They are leaving the sea, because they search their food in another place. There aren’t any fish in the water. But why?

The main cause is us humans. Plastic that we throw away can not be degraded and so it accumulates from time to time. Plastic rubbish from five decades of pollution is flowing into the river after a decades old landfill site full of toxic waste was exposed by erosion. It happens that the exposed rubbish gets easily into the water nearby.

First river and after that seas. What will you do to save the waters? That animals can live peacefully and that we humans have a nice view on our Holiday trips or our Workplaces. Not to forget the plants and so our own food. I ask you again. What will and can you do?