Do you know about the pollution of the rivers as a consequence of the rubbish? It concerns everybody of us…

…the most people are not really confronted by the pollution of the rivers and oceans by a direct way. Maybe they only know the catastrophique extent of the pollution by watching the news on the TV or by reading an article in a newspaper about it.

I´m living with my family in London next to the Thames since 10 years. We love living here and we enjoy every day by having a look from our windows to the river and we really love going for a walk all together along the Thames. But what I observe since a long time is the pollution of the Thames every day. It’s getting more and more polluted and that really scares me. My observation is that it’s getting more every day, every month and every year. The rivers flow into the sea and the plastic decomposes hardly, so wind and waves wash it up to the beach or it sinks to the sea floor. At the end, microplasics are eaten by fishes and the plastic ends up on our plates.

But the plastic in the rivers is not only because of plastic bags or bottles, often sanitary and cosmetic products bear the blame. For example in toothpaste and shower gel are microplastics which the clarifiation plant can’t filter out. By this reason, a lot of microplastics collect unknowingly in the rivers.

What everybody can do, is being carefull by using plastic in the everyday life. Maybe you can fokus more on your cosmetics and perhaps you can by a biological shower gel next time. Open your eyes and think about it.