The leaking of waste into the Thames is an example for one of our bis ecological problems these days. It is one of the many issues wich effect all of us…

First of all we have to look at the causes of the leaking of waste into the Thames. One of those is the huge consumption and the not considerately disposal of our waste. We just bury it and do not think about the consequences of especially buriing toxic and probably deadly chemicals.
Another cause is the coastal erosion which leads to the leaking of the landfill which happens more often these days because of the climate change.
You might ask how this waste in the Thames or other rivers effects us. The answer is simple: The waste, especially the toxic one, is a huge danger to the wild life and could lead to the death of the flora and fauna. Also the water and the area around the river could become toxic so at the and it harms our own health.
So why is this happening? Whos fault is it? And what are we gonna do about it? I think we can not just blame the government for this! Sure they also have to start doing something to prevent the issue from getting worse like moving the waste to another place where it will not be able to leak into a river. But we also have to do something ourselves! Using less plastic and being a little bit more green could be a good start.