(Perspective of a resident)

We need to talk about our waste problem!…

…First you need to know that I live near one of these old landfills where all your garbage gets transported. And in the past noone carred about waste seperation. So everyone threw their old bleech bottles and other partly toxic waste were stored there in the earth.
So now there is errosion because of the Thames and so the river gets closer and closer to these old Landfills.
Now in the past weeks the rivers takes all of this old garbage and sends it to all the house that are connected to the river like mine. You have to know that I have a nice garden in my back yard with lots of flowers and other fauna. And what happens with plants and all the other organisms when the get toxic water???
Right! They DIE!
Also my cute little duck I raised from an egg gets sick of this bad water. Please stop this catastrophe and dispose your waste properly. And to the government: You have to do something about this problem! It’s deadly for our environment and we are dead without our environment!!!