Most of us love to have a barbecue in the summer or to eat a delicious steak, but do you know about the consequences for our environment?

Factory farming is a very big problem for our environment and it also harms the animals that live in bad conditions. A study of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy shows that the largest meat processing companies are responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the large oil companies. There are estimates that claim that the production of one kilogram beef releases 28 kilogram of greenhouse gas

There are many reasons for the huge greenhouse gas emissions produced by factory farming. First of all it is a reason for deforestation because there is a huge need of space for all the animals. Furthermore the animals produce methane inside of their bodies, a gas that is very harmful for the environment. Another gas that is produced by factory farming is nitrous oxide (laughing gas). This gas results from the intesive use of the ground. These to gases are way more harmful than CO2, Methan is 21 times as bad as CO2 and nitrous oxide is even 310 times as harmful as CO2.

This information should affect us all who consume meat, this way of producing meat is harming the environment and a main reason for climate change. In addition to that it is not only the climate who is suffering but also the animals and we as consumer. Most of the animals receive medicine like antibiotic which can cause a resistance in our bodies.

Everybody should think about how much meat they eat and where it comes from. There is the possibility to buy your meat at the butcher´s so you know where the meat comes from and if the production is climate and animal friendly. Besides, it is not necessary to eat meat every day, everybody could reduce his consumption of meat.

With all this information, think over your consumer habits and try to improve them!