Why is the destruction of billions of trees that bad for the environment and especially why does it harm us as humans?

First of all it is important to name the causes for the deforestation which are farming, livestock mining and drilling. Those main reasons are all caused by humanity. A not that important cause would be wildfires which are normally not caused by us. Our consumption and the goal of our society to earn as much money as possible are answers to the question why we still keep on destroying forests even knowing that it harms us and our environment. We destroy habitats of millions of animals just to make even more money! We cause the loss of biodiversity.
But why is deforestation a harm to us humans? Trees are our only source of oxygen which every single human being needs to be alive! While the number of humans in the whole world is rising, sinks the number of trees quite fast. So we have less oxygen for more people and more carbon dioxid. But you also have to consider that we are not the only ones who need oxygen and produce carbon dioxid. We also have huge industrial complexes and drive way to much with our cars which produce carbon dioxid.

“If tropical deforestation were a country it would rank third in carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions, behind China and the U.S.”

according to the World Resources Institute


So I hope you all get the importance of this topic and the need to change something because we can not keep on destroying the planet that we live on!

Bildergebnis für deforestation